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Loves white hair ikemen.

VERY Multifandom I shall remind you that I tend to jump from fandom to fandom

Current Fandom: YGO, DeSu, HxH, Haikyuu!, GANGSTA., Tokyo Ghoul 

Fan art requests are open (might not finish it fast but i'll make sure to do it) 

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[HQ!] Two Sided Love (KageHina)



Originally by 千代岁安

※ Permission granted by the artist to repost and translate

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Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Hoenn Champion.

I think this is quite a rare event. In HGSS Steven offers to trade you a Beldum for Forretress and…most people would just give him a random Forretress but if you give him one with maxed out friendship, you get to see Steven fanboy about Steel type pokemon and IT IS HILARIOUS.

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Hunter x Hunter’s resident fashion models

(psst they’re transparent)

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